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Cordless drill, free to a good home


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This drill is going free to whoever would like it. Before I get killed in the rush though, let me explain the circumstances.

It was kindly given to us by a fellow forum user to experiment with for use underwater. But in the end it was never taken underwater as we had alternatives. The battery was dead and the cells were removed with the intention of fitting a new set of cells (i.e. the battery case is empty but still with the drill). I'm informed by the previous owner that the drill works fine and has good torque.

So, after testing the drill by applying the correct voltage to the terminals (before spending any money), you'd have the option of simply buying a replacement battery or refilling the existing battery case with new cells. The charger works fine as well.

We'd have to ask for a caver post option or you could collect it from the Dales at some stage.

We don't want anything for it but you might like to make a small donation in aid of Ukranian refugees. (This would be left up to you to sort; I can recommend this site as very easy to deal with: https://www.dec.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal )

Probably best to post on here first so others can see if / when it goes.

Happy drilling.


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I've got a similar Hitachi 24V, though with a different battery type, and they're decent drills - I recall pwhole used it for putting some bolts into Michill Bank Mine when we first investigated it. Chances are there'll be replacement batteries on Ebay for not too much so if someone does want a cordless on a budget, here you go!


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Thanks AR - no-one's claimed this yet. It's a genuine offer; just trying to help some fellow caver (and maybe help the Ukranian refugee appeal a little bit).