Cussey Pot - New resin anchors installed and rigging topo published


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The new Cussey Pot rigging topo PDF can now be downloaded from the PDCi website here:
Thanks to Fabian and the other members of the EPC for completing the installation.
If anyone spots any errors in the topo (e.g. if the rope lengths need a tweak) please let DCA know.

Pete Knight
DCA Equipment Officer


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Well done to the Cussey bolters and the DCA. I've updated the What Can I Rig data in the @aricooperdavis app with rope lengths for the two main routes down. There will be a Crewe rigging topo to complement the DCA one in due course, but we'll need at least one trip to take a look at the new anchors and sketch. My attempt to reach the top of NCA Pitch a few years ago was not a success, so I'll have to think thinner! I blamed lockdown pounds, which are gone now, so no excuse.