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Daily Mail - Giant Sinkhole


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Being offered the news headline "Giant sinkhole opens up on the M5 and closes two lanes of traffic near the Cotswolds" from the Daily Mail I thought I should look at it.

The details are given as "On the busy M5 near the Cotswolds, there have been delays of more than one hour a massive cavity around six inches deep and a foot long opened up on the motorway." <sic>

I would not suggest bothering to check:  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10075655/Vehicle-fire-busy-M4-causes-miles-tailbacks-car-completely-destroyed-flames.html 



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Has anyone been able to laser survey the giant sinkhole yet, to get an accurate estimate of the volume of the massive cavity?


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Mrs Trellis said:
yes - the council has sent a task force of 23 - 20 tea drinkers, 2 lookers on, and one chin scratcher.

It is a motorway, so the council has no role (Therefore 23 tea drinkers).

The Ministry of Transport has sent an expert, twenty health and safety officers, two recording clerks, a camera crew and a communications team - this was all that could be spared from their main task of altering thousands of "Highways England" signs to "National Highways" at great cost in order to make their role more obscure.



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There's an even bigger one appeared at the back of Coronation Street, apparently:



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Whereas if Corrie's hole had appeared round the back of ukcaving HQ the dialog would be more like

"Are those stemples?"
"No they're not! Those things are Stulls"
"Rubbish, no such word..  Stemples!!"
" ****** STEMPLES!!!!!"
etc etc


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6? deep fffffs. Have any of these people driven up to bpf recently?! Or around Cheshire? Austerity bites. I personally like traffic to go slower - maybe I?ll cap a ?massive cavity? in the road outside my house- that?ll stop the feckineejits driving through a residential area at 70mph+ in a 30 limit.