Dalesbridge competition - clubs in the running..... or not


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(y) Thank you to all who have voted in The Dalesbridge competition (y)

It's interesting which clubs/organisations forum members are nominating, here's the list so far:

EECC - Education in the Environment Caving Club x 15

TSG - x 1

Dudley Caving Club - x 4

Matienzo Caves Project - x 3

Birmingham Cave & Crag - x 1

Mendip Nature Research Committee x 4

UCET United Caves Exploration Team - x 3

Brynmawr Caving Club - x 3

Orpheus Caving Club - x 3

SUSS Sheffield University Speleological Society - x 11

Black Rose Caving Club - x 1

Glasgow University Potholing Ass - x 2

The Eldon - x 3

Plymouth Adventure & Exploration Club - x 7

Aberystwyth Caving Club - x 8

Exeter University Caving Club - x 1

The Royal Forest of Dean Caving Club - x 2

University of Newcastle Caving Club - x 1

Tamar Mining Group - x 1

Mendip Caving Group - x 3

Craven Pothole Club - x 1

Plymouth A & E - x 1

York University Cave & Pothole Club - x 1

University of Bristol Speleological Society x 7

ACC (Aberystwyth??) - x 1

University of Leeds Speleological Society ULSA - x 7

Cardiff University Caving Club - x 2

Westminster Speleological Group - x 1

The Buttered Badgers x 3

DCC Derbyshire Caving Club - x 4

NPC Northern Pothole Club x 2

RRCPC Red Rose Cave & Potholing Club - x 1

YSS York Speleological Society - x 2

Cambridge Caving & Climbing Club - x 1

The Gay Outdoor Club - x 1

Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan Scout Caving Team- x 1

Clapham Adventure - x 1

Nidderdale Caving Club - x 4

Croydon Caving Club - x 3

Owd SkoolCaving Club - x 1

Forest School Camps - x 1

(Apologies for any incorrect names)

Quite a list! 

Some famous clubs have no or few nominations, I wonder why?  Don't need the suits?  Don't run a 'New to caving' training? No members on UKC so don't know about the competition?  Not interested in competitions??

However, there are plenty of Clubs above who have been nominated and if you haven't yet joined in the competition, please do.  If you'd like a particular Group or Organisation to win they'll have a better chance with your nomination  :hug:

There are over 4000 views which is fantastic.  The more views and entries, the more popular competitions are the better the prizes and support (including future support for clubs) UKC can ask for.  Thanks, All  ;)

Oh and I've amended the end time to 10pm - same as another small event taking place on the 7th May  ;)