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Dave Checkley

I have just learned that BCRA's former chairman, Dave Checkley has died. Trevor Faulkner contacted me, saying......
I have just been told the sad news by his step-son that Dave Checkley died yesterday, in a care home. Apparently, he has been chair-bound since the summer, but this was unexpected. His step-son asked me to inform his caving friends via BCRA. The funeral will probably be near Nunthorpe. Would you kindly let BCRA members know, and perhaps pass the news on more widely. I will send you the arrangements for the funeral when these become available.
If/when I hear anything regarding the funeral I will post it to... https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=26113.0 where there are already a number of postings from people remembering Dave.
Just in case anyone misses this note, on the obituaries board...

DickW said:
DC's family have let it be known that they intend the funeral to be a small, family-only affair. An event for cavers to celebrate DC's life will be organised in the Dales on a date to be confirmed.