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Distox2: Initial flash of firmware to STM


Can anyone describe the process of getting the firmware onto a freshly built board? Beat directed me to the readme, but it merely mentions using a discovery board to the debug pins... they aren't marked and I don't know if USB connects to them or not. Wondering of I need to temporarily add a header to some of the holes on the board edge for jumper wires...


Got this worked out with some help from Oliver. For reference you need: all pins connected from SWD on STLink to the right ones on the X2 board, battery connected, 5V usb connector plugged in and the On/Dist button pressed in for the entire operation.
This can be achieved without assembling the unit by shorting a pad underneath the board to ground.
I soldered header wires to the pads for the usb header and the other pad for convenience and temporarily placed header pins on the SWD connector, plus a wire for ground so I could faff and not leave the board ‘switched on’ until I needed the pad shorting to ground…
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