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Does anyone know of a L. Havard


New member
I was emailed by someone trying to track down someone ... this goes back a bit, does anyone here know anything?

In September and October 1948 I, together with another 18 year old soldier
who lived in one of the Houses in Wells Cathedral Close, undertook over
several week-ends a survey of the Wookey Hole Cave Complex. Hampered by
severe water one weekend.Have your records any knowledge of this person

1 Regular soldier,Royal engineers.
2) Long time member of caving society.
3) Been involved in dig at Ebbor Gorge Caves.(Found bear,wolve bones,etc)
4) If still living will be in his late 70,s.I understood he found some good exhibits.

Hope you can help with a name;L.Havard.


New member
Sorry, I've misrepresented the request :( The person doing the searching is L(es) Havard, he's trying to find the person refererred to, name or any info like that.