DYO: The Beautiful Adventure. Pay for a DVD, buy a roof!


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I've just finished watching Dan Yr Ogof: The Beautiful Adventure.

Disclaimer: I always enjoy watching films by Andy and Antonia Freem.

Is this the fourth or the fifth, I guess I should know. But Catchpool1 has done it again!

I missed the film at Hidden earth, but heard somewhere that buying the DVD will help towards paying for a new roof on the SWCC hut.
"If I can buy a roof for ?5" I thought...
"I'd probably be a Yorkshireman"

But yes, another great piece of work and with so many faces and voices. Including the SWCC Treasurer.

I'm sure i'll be playing this one again, and I'll definitely be following Vivian's advice of actually going to DYO at some point soon.

The website says you can order the DVD directly from Andy at  "SWCC-DVD [at] swcc.org.uk"

Caver Keith

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I completely agree with Alastair. This is a brilliant piece of work and worth far more than a fiver. It's a very professionally filmed and produced video and a great watch.
I've purchased a copy and we are going to show it at a Dudley meeting along with popcorn and hotdogs and all money raised will be going to the SWCC roof fund.
I can't recommend it enough. Go on buy a copy. You know you want to.


I think I'm must be the only person I know who hasn't see it yet. Sounds like I'd best cough up a fiver  (y)