EuroSpeleo Protection Label

Message received from the FSE:

Jean-Claude Thies said:
Dear caving friends,

This is a reminder as well as a reissue of the call-out. This as the sponsoring of the Protection Label has changed in the way that there is now a new rope sponsor with Korda?s from Spain.

Also the AV Gear limit and possibilities have changed. Please consult the annexed document for more information.

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In Word:

The European Speleological Federation (FSE) and its European Cave Protection Commission (ECPC) is very pleased to announce the launching of the 2018 Call for the EuroSpeleo Protection Label. Please find enclosed the application form (deadline for applications 30 June 2018). You can also find the application form soon on the FSE website:
The aim of the EuroSpeleo Protection Label is to support active cave protection in the speleo clubs, committees, national commissions, etc, all over Europe and to share this knowledge throughout Europe.

For this reason many cavers and speleological structures are identifying specific solutions which can then be shared with the whole European speleological community, in order to adapt these cave protection solutions for application in other European countries.
The FSE / ECPC would like to recognize quality projects which can help to find better solutions for cave protection among the speleological community by awarding them the EuroSpeleo Protection Label. This award should also involve financial support to allow continuation of the important work that has been carried out by the awarded clubs, committees and commissions, because we all need to preserve the speleological heritage for the next generations.

Please consult the annexed document for all further information and technical rules.

best regards,

Jean-Claude Thies

ECPC President
European Cave Protection Commission
F?d?ration Sp?l?ologique Europ?enne asbl.
B.P. 3067
L-1030 Luxembourg <>