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The Old Ruminator

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A darn profusion of them for all subjects including a corrugated iron appreciation group. Many cave related groups wind me up a bit but this one is good ( so far)


Photos way away from the UK trend in formulaic. Subtle lighting. People having fun and lots of decent models instead of whiskery old gits.


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I'm not a bottle collector but a while ago I found this, off piste in Oxenber Wood (near Austwick). Happy to give it to anyone on here who is interested in having it? It's the old marble in neck sort, with very thick glass - but (as is often the case) with the neck missing.

On the front it says: "T. DAWSON'S PURE AERATED WATERS, SETTLE".


I think Kilner's, which started in 1842, is still making glass products:

Let me know if it's of interest and we can ask about caver post.

image0 - 2023-11-20T151050.004.jpeg


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So apart from 1 the bottle in image 2 ,at the top left with the obvious label . These are all from various tips .

My favourites are the heat damaged one in picture 1 & the last 2 bottles in the 3rd photo .

It’s very common we find smoking pipes pots pans plates . Lots of old steel & iron and bones ??


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Here's one that we'll never get to handle sadly - a bottle of what we assumed to have been the remnants of ginger beer, from R Orme & Co Ltd., who were a large grocer/department store in Bakewell, Derbyshire in the 19th to early 20th centuries.. We found this exactly as shown inside a lead mine that we'd recently dug open, and it was then surreptitiously stolen within a fortnight of us opening it, by one of the few visitors that we took round. Partly why I'm still reticent to reveal much of what I do in life until after I've done it. Good job I photographed it.

And it looks remarkably identical to this one :mad:



The Old Ruminator

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Nothing rare or early in the images above. The marble bottle was invented by Hiram Codd ( hence "Coddswallop" for lemonade ) in 1872 and was used up until the 1920's.

These are Daffy's Elixir. An early one would set you back £4.000. Great bottle finds were made at Reigate Caves , Combe Down stone quarries
( mines actually ) and I found a good dump in Little London Slocker on Mendip.

Around £20,000 with add ons. Way out of my league.


The Old Ruminator

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We have a Ships Bells Group. Mainly old wreckies like me. I put up that photo of me in all of the kit. So far its had over 4,000 " likes " and nearly 500 " shares ". I am a global super star. ( or a complete twit depending on the reply. The mod had to shut replies down as he got so many )


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Do we no what this was . The mine shut over a hundred years ago . No names sadly a strange shape . I think it had just a J underneath it .