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Fishguard Manganese Mine


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It looks like I may be spending a few days near Fishguard over Christmas. I've found a grid ref. and a few details online of this mine which indicate there may be some underground access. Anyone checked it out? Is it worth attempting an escape mission from the festivities?


I guess one cannot access issue 2
I'm sure Dave Linton can help

dave.linton at hendrecoed.org.uk
Dave Linton was already typing when Robin posted :)

From Welsh Mines Society Newsletter 26 May 1992 (full text of item):

Raymond Griffiths writes that an elderly neighbour recalls workings at Eagryn Bottom which he entered as a young man. The site is now lost.



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Ah well, Solva looks like a nice spot to mooch around as a consolation. Seems like there's not a great deal accessible underground in the area (apart from sea caves which are always fun)

Bob Mehew

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Maybe a bit too far away but south of Newgale beach at 192/857 are some disused works and one or two caves, both on the beach and apparently up on the cliff. Not sure about getting underground but interesting geology, see article if that interests you.


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Although it doesn't help with the mine itself, the last bit of this ramble may be of interest:


& if solva is of interest, so will be porthgain: https://rogerfarnworth.com/2022/09/...es-and-their-railways-before-the-railway-age/

Indeed, there is tunnel running from an old quarry behind the brick stone hoppers on the west side of the harbour. It allegedly exits one of the openings under the stone hoppers used by the local fishermen to store crab and lobster pots. I've also seen on an old map another tunnel running from this location to one of the coves on the coast to the west of the harbour, the cove was named 'Aber Tunnel'


You can see the first tunnel indicated on this map. I can't find the copy with second tunnel but it indicated a tunnel in a northerly direction from the same quarry to Aber Tunnel.