FOUND : Fenix + single glove in Bull Pot Farm stream

Steve Clark

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Found tonight (Tue 26th July) underwater in the bath/stream/dam/washing pond at the bottom of the lane at Bull Pot Farm.

A Fenix headtorch/lamp and a single fingerless Simmond yachting/rigging glove. Do you know anyone that uses these?

No one at the farm so I've taken them home. Caton, near M6 J34. Let me know the model of the fenix/battery brand and I'll arrange to get then back to you asap.

2022-07-27 00.26.26.jpg


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Just a thought: it's expedition and holiday time at the moment: a lot of people will be in PSM/Ario/Austria/... and may not have good connectivity or may be too busy to check postings here.