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Found: Gavel Pot, Orange and Purple taped Maillons


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After an excellent trip to Gavel Pot, where our 17 and 19 year old TSG members had a whale of a time, and even proclaimed "yorkshire is ok actually" and "that's the best cave i've ever done". And I vowed to return to Gavel, as it's a very good cave.

I have just shanked the unwashed club ropes in the Bath (as I don't have the room for coiling, and I know it will annoy our tacklemaster  :LOL: ).

When I got to the final bag which was used near the insitu (coiled) ropes on the pitch which needs a 55m rope and also the 40m rope https://cncc.org.uk/caving/topos/download-single.php?id=55
I found 4 maillons mixed in with the tackle which had Orange and Purple gear tape on them. I assume these have been derigged by exuberant deriggers on our team. and so need returning to their rightful owners.

Does anyone know who these belong to so I can attempt to mail the Maillons back to their owners?


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Hey Gottzone, purple and orange is NPC colours... although given the number of Krabs we now have I'm not sure who is still rigging with maillions (maybe part of a long term diving project)? Or maybe someone else coincidently has the same gear colours.

Glad you found Yorkshire to be 'OK'...  :eek:

If you fancy returning to England's finest caving county (!!!) and dropping the maillions into/around the back of Greenclose when you are next passing on the A65, I'm sure that would be appreciated by the tacklemaster, assuming nobody else claims them  ;)


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Cheers Cavematt, I've heard "Nidderdale with Kirbymoorsideshire" is England's finest caving county, when it split from the rest of Yorkshire to form it's own independent caving county. :)

I think our lot really enjoyed all the caves we took them to. They were definitely in awe of the amount of work put into Notts 2, but think they were seeking the SRT of Yorkshire, and when they found that there was some quite excellent SRT to be had. I wouldn't be surprised if we see them going North of Edale again.

CW is in Derbyshire this weekend, so i'll see if he's heading up to Yorkshire before New year. If so i'll pass them on.


Gavel Pot is indeed a fine one, though I have to point out it's actually in Lancashire !

Glasfurd's chamber is a very worthwhile side excursion too - did you do that ?


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Even better, this Saturday just gone was Lancashire day. What a way to celebrate!