• Jrat digging awards

    25 November Hunters Lodge Inn

    'Annual competition for the longest new discovery under Mendip or Scotland between Nov 1st 2022 and Oct 31st 2023'

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Found - Karabiner - Swildons Hole


JohnMCooper said:
Grivel labelled Reading University Caving Club will be put in the Lost Property Locker at the Wessex

Thanks. I will try to arrange pickup somehow.
Out of interest, if the toughtag had an email instead of just the name, would you have sent us a message instead of posting here? (just for future reference when we get more tags;))

Reading Uni Caving Club Tackle Madam
The more information the better, provided it's readable. Yes, would have emailed direct as a starting point, then if no reply put it on here.