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Free: Selection of Journals


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We have a selection of Journals free to anyone who can make use of them. Duplicates from ones we already have.

Preference would be for you to take them all but we could consider splitting into a couple of bundles.

Location: Mendip - caver post will be best to get them to the other regions.

BCRA transactions:
Vol 1; No: 1,3,4
Vol 2; No: 1,4
Vol 3; No: 2,2
Vol 4; No: 3,4
Vol 5; No: 1,2,3,4,5,5
Vol 6; No: 1,2,3
Vol 7; No: 1,2,3
Vol 8; No: 1

Cave Science
Vol 9; 1
Vol 10; 2
Vol 12; 4
Vol 13; 2
Vol 18; 3
Vol 19; 1
Vol 21; 1,3
Vol 22; 1,2,3
Vol 40; 1

Journal of the Westminster Speleological Group Vol 9; 6 - 1991

Transactions of the Cave Research Group
Vol 15; 1,2,4
Vol 14; 1,2,4
Vol 13; 1,2,3
Vol 12; 2,3,4
Vol 11; 2,3,3,
Vol 10; 1,1

Sadly if no home is found they will have to go in the bin as we just don’t have space to keep extras.


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Without checking directly, I don't think we have that Westminster item in the NPC library.
Could I stake a claim until an opportunity arises to get it moving northwards by caver post?
(No rush.)

Please don't bin the other items, especially the less common BSA and CRG material. They're wonderful journals and there's only a finite supply of them left. Do try and find a good home (or even a good longer term storage place elsewhere).