Free : Wealdon Iron and Cornish Mining and HMS Newsletters


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I have three folders of material that came from a house clearance of a deceased friend.

1. Wealdon Iron
Material from 15th HMS Conference 1979
Bulletin 17 from 1997
Material from HMS Iron on the Weald Conference 2002

2. Cornish Mining (photocopies)
Sealing of Undersea Levant Breach (1969)
Essays in Cornish Mining History
History of Tin Mining and Smelting - Barton
Wheal Jane Magazine Articles 1971
Mineral Processing in Cornwall 1973
China Clay - Collins 1919
Copper Mining in Devon and Cornwall - Barton 1968

3 HMS Newsletters
23 - Spring 1993 to 50 Spring 2002 (with a few gaps)

Happy to send to anyone who will cover the postage costs (should be £3.20 small parcel)


Copper Mining in Devon and Cornwall - Barton 1968 - worth a fair bit more than £3.20 on its own.

I was tempted...but I am trying to declutter.....