Getting a key for OFD


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Good evening everyone, I just wanted to clear up some confusion over the process of obtaining a key for OFD.  Since Covid arrived, the SWCC HQ is no longer administered  by a duty officer at the weekend.  Currently when you arrive at Penwyllt, you will find that there are systems in place to collect cave keys and pay your hut fees without dealing with a Duty Officer face to face.  The largest change has been with administering cave keys.  Prior to Covid, we operated a mid-week access system whereby cavers were issued with a code to a key safe and inside the key safe was a cave key.  The current system is an expansion of that system.  We currently have seven keys available on any given day.  My understanding is that now that cavers are returning to caving  post Covid, there are plans to expand and improve the current system.  Can I ask everyone to be patient, we are doing the best we can and it is absolutely our desire that all bone-fide cavers get access to OFD on the day that they desire access.  Obviously with only seven keys, if eight parties are looking to enter OFD on any given day there is a small problem to overcome.  We have been trying our best to work around these small problems but sadly I have had to let at least one club know that all seven keys were already booked and that I couldn't get another key for them at such short notice.  Can I ever so politely request that if you are planning to visit OFD, that in the first instance you check the SWCC website..........  .......for the latest update on access procedure and secondly please can you give as much forward notice of your trip as you are able - please book early to avoid disappointment.  Thank you for your time in reading.  GaryV SWCC Permit Secretary


Looks like things are moving along already.

When I picked up a key yesterday, I'm sure there were only 7 key safes. But when I returned our key later, there were 12! Don't know if there were actually keys in the new ones though.

Cheers Gary.  (y)


I wondered if I was losing the plot when I dropped off the key this morning and saw a load more key safes! Glad I'm not going crazy...