Gingling (in situ) Ropes


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The ropes in Gingling are very worn and some core shot at the top. If anyone knows the person that owns these ropes please let them know so that they can be removed, as they are cluttering up the bolts and, as they are no longer usable, if left will effectively be litter in the cave.


These ropes are there to support long term diving exploits at the bottom of the cave and beyond.
Sure, some of them are well worn, due to age, wear and tear, and other people using them. But we are still using them , so please leave them alone.
They were placed long before the current IC anchors in there , and they use our own spit anchors which we installed.
None of them use the IC anchor system, which were installed afterwards, so shouldn't be a problem to ignore them and get on with rigging your own ropes.