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Hidden Inside The Islands - Eratta


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Anyone has purchased Goon's (Alan Jeffreys book from me or other booksellers will need to add the section below ommitted between pages 24 and 27 . I gather it was a softwear error the GSG can't afford to reprint the book so please add below to your copy . In Goons words don't these things make you bite pencils and foam at mouth?



‘To protect the head, a suitable helmet should always be worn underground. Apart from supplying a place to attach one’s lamp, ‘hard hats’ protect from falling stones or cannoning into projections and can also be used to carry small amounts of food or survival gear inside the cradle, safely away from water or dirt. There are various designs available. The once almost omnipresent pulp fibre helmet, issued to virtually every coal miner in the country during and after World War 2, fell into disfavour when it was discovered prolonged exposure to water rendered it soft and useless as protection. Nowadays, all helmets have to accord with a safety standard; designs specifically made for caving from hard plastics are available, often with LED lamps permanently fixed to them.7

Introductory caving trips, involving only a little contact with water, call for wearing just about any old clothes, warmth and comfort being paramount considerations. ‘Too many layers will lead to hindrance in mobility whereas too little results in unwelcome body cooling.’


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