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Holme Bank Chert Mine - Car park clearing DCA request for help


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Following the work on the new gates installed at the mine detailed in another post here, DCA want to finish off this job by having a bit of a gardening session in the parking area. We are hoping to do this on the 6th of August. If you can lend your help for a couple of hours that morning, please drop me an email to projects[at]thedca.org.uk. Don't PM the DCA account on here as I don't log on to it regularly, but feel free to PM my personal account (Pete K).
We'll only want about half a dozen folk for a couple of hours tops, so plenty of time for a trip afterwards.
Loppers, bowsaws, grass slashers and other bramble chopping tools would be handy to bring if you have any. Probably a pick/mattock and couple of shovels too.
Pete K
DCA Projects Officer


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It now looks like we've got a willing volunteer with a strimmer and brushcutter heading there after work on Friday. If anyone wants to assist them then instead of Saturday then please let us know. I'll be at a TSG meeting then so won't be along to help myself. We'll likely abandon the Saturday gardening plan now and do something else, like start painting the shipping container at Bamford.