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Honorary Membership of BCRA for Dr David (Deej) Lowe

Andy Farrant

Active member
BCRA Council has awarded Honorary Membership of the Association to Dr David J [Deej] Lowe. The award is in recognition of his outstanding service to the science of speleology and his service to BCRA. The former is evidenced by his many publications including contributions to papers on the hydrogeology of the Peak District and most notably his seminal work on Inception Horizons. Deej served as BCRA President from 2016 to 2021 and his editorial service to BCRA includes "Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales" (with Tony Waltham), the BCRA Review for 2015, 2016 and 2017 and "Cave and Karst Science" (The Transactions of the BCRA) which he has co-edited with John Gunn since 1995. Honorary Membership of the Association. Honorary Membership confers all the benefits of Individual Membership without payment of subscription and is conferred for life.

Congratulations Deej, and thanks for all your efforts over the years. :)


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