• The Wessex Challenge!

    2nd July 2022

    The theme is The Crystal Maze - expect perplexing puzzles, feats of strength and a geodesic dome. The event will be hosted at the Belfry, please arrive by 16.00 to partake.

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Hypogenic Caves Field Meeting


New member
The caves booked for this North Pennines field meeting have a fixed number of cavers permitted each day. If you want to be sure of getting a place on your first choice cave - please get your booking in ASAP via the BCRA website. First come First served. The choices are all remarkable caves in their own right.
You do not have to be a BCRA member to attend this event.  :sneaky:
Perhaps the moderators will allow me a head start in "Caving Chat" before banishing this post to "BCRA"