imminent permanent closure of Pridhamsleigh Cavern

cap n chris

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"Trespass fee" on Mendip is per head, not per car. Guess it's similar in Devon. It's a fee for walking to the cave, not for entering, IIRC.


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Chris is right. The farmer is canny enough to state he is charging people to cross his land to the cave but not for the right to enter the cave.  Andy's suggestions of a and b as a mix are right. He is suspicious and some people do dodge paying.


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There are people out there far more knowledgable than I but my understanding is that anyone can sue anyone else for any wrong done. Whether they succeed is another question.

However if you pay a landowner to access his land then he has a duty of care to prevent stuff happening like removing broken glass, barbed wire etc. (for instance I have to prevent access to my climbing tower by means of padlocked wooden boards and warning signs, even though it is on a private site. However, if an idiot chooses to ignore these deterrents, climb up and then fall off I will have done all that is reasonable to prevent harm and it's tough on the idiot.)

If you have an accident with a commercial group whilst caving and you are negligent, then you are liable (i.e. you don't protect an obvious drop with a rope etc.) If the negligence is shared, the liability is shared also. The commercial centre will get sued first, then their insurers may sue the landowner if there is a possibility of shared liability and the landowner made a contributing factor. But simply paying to access the cave / land does NOT make a landowner automatically liable for an accident in the cave. 

Like I say, I'm not an expert but in my experience this is what happens. I'm sure it can be much more complicated, though.