Incident 04/2024 - 10/02/24 - 23:50 (Easegill)


The team were called out by Cumbria Police at 23.50 on Saturday for an overdue party of nine cavers in County Pot, a popular entrance into the Ease Gill system. Initially, snow drifts made accessing Bull Pot Farm, the base for exploring the system, difficult with CRO4 the only vehicle able to pass.
Two underground teams were deployed to carry out a hasty search of the route that had been given whilst surface personnel set up a control room and communication relay. Search teams located the overdue group who were cold and tired.
Due to the large number in the group, and potential for a long drawn out search of the wider system, additional support was requested from colleagues in Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team and Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue teams. Cumbria Highways also responded, clearing the snow drifts and enabling easier access to Bull Pot Farm.
With support and encouragement from the team, the overdue party were able to make their way out of the cave and, after a quick assessment by surface members, made the long walk to Bull Pot Farm, where hot food and drinks were provided.
The party were well equipped and had an effective call out arrangement which ensured the alarm was raised promptly. As always, thanks to our friends at Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club for use of Bull Pot Farm. Thanks also to the members of UWFRA and SMRT who, in the end, were not required underground but gave up warm beds in the early hours to make the journey across, helped carry equipment and assisted the weary cavers in making their way safely back across the fell.
A long night for everyone involved, and then the process of cleaning kit (and cavers!) and restocking vehicles began…