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Integrated Logins


Ok, i've just installed the login integration mod and it *appears* to be working.

It now authenticates your username/password against the forum database so you should be able to log in to the wiki using your forum details.

As a precaution I've backed up the wiki database to allow for any weirdness that may result from this change.

I'd like the experienced wiki people (rhys,susie,etc) to have a looksee if things are ok before giving this integration the full go ahead.

The downside to this new system will be that if you signed up to the wiki using a different username to that which you use on the forums, then you will no longer be able to sign in to the wiki. Does anyone have this issue? If so we can think how it's possible to resolve it.


I believe logins have been broken recently.

I've tried to fix this today, if anyone still has trouble, please let me know.