Just Go Caving! - Images required please!

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You may, or may not, be aware but BCA and BCRA membership will soon by migrating to a professional online membership management system.
This will hopefully bring advantages such as members being able to update their own details and the ability to automatically pay annually by direct debit (if you want to!)
If you are involved in the qualifications side of BCA you will already be familiar with Just Go - BCA and BCRA membership will be joining the Qualifications management scheme on the Just Go platform.

But this post isn't about the advantages of Just Go!

This is a request for images to use on Just Go please!

We are looking for an image to represent:
Caving membership of BCA
Non-caving membership of BCA
Student membership of BCA
Under 18 membership of BCA
Club membership
Caving huts

Plus some general caving images to use for backgrounds, some science-y pictures for BCRA membership areas.

If you have any images you would be happy to see used by BCA on our new membership system please post them below!
*Please note - due to the way we will be using the images it will not be possible to credit each image to an individual photographer - so please only post images if you are happy with that.
Also if you photo features recognisable cavers please make sure they are aware and happy for them to be used :)

Looking forward to seeing your photos and thanks in advance!


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OK, to kick start the post, here's some from me:



Under 18s


Rob Eavis - Daren Cilau - Blue Greenies.jpg

I figure high contrast photos probably the best if being used as thumbnail or background shots.

*I've not got permission from recognisable models but will if being used, please let me know...

BCA Membership

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Thanks for the photos!
If anyone has a nice one of a caving hut please share it!
Also if you have any photos or just ideas for an image that could be used to represent non-caving membership please post here :)


A few caving ones on behalf of Bill Nix


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