Layering V Furry suit


I have a feeling this has been asked before but..

I?m tending slightly towards the idea of layered up clothing rather than a furry as a compromise and for a little more tailored climate control on longer trips.

What are folks using as trousers? Sallopete wise a lot of stuff seems rather bulky and geared more towards skiing.

Any tips and recommendations welcome!

Oscar D

Powerstretch sallopettes and a fleece top is what I've been using. I've got the Mountain Equipment ones, which they don't seem to make anymore, but Rab do a very similar version. Bit on the pricy side but versatile so can be used for Mountaineering etc as well.


Powerstretch bibs/ sallopettes from Rab & co are very good but come at an eye watering price, I?ve got a set from Taimen though they don?t seem to do that exact model any more. That?s them, search ?bibs?:

To be honest I?ve gone back to my ancient warmbac furry, I tend to overheat so the fact it?s worn very thin suits me. I?d use the bibs and a powerstretch top occasionally when I?m expecting to get cold (I?ve sewn a crotch strap on to stop it riding up), but mostly favour carrying a cheapo ?gimp mac? waterproof with me now.


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I get to hot also very easily so I thought I would throw my opinion in , i usually under my warmbac oversuit wear shorts and a t shirt , majority of the time I am completely fine with this ! , they are a absolutely ruined but I think it?s personal choice ! For clothing .