Listen to this radio interview for positivity!!


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Tim did a fabulous job of promoting caving when interviewed on the radio recently.

Thanks to Gary for tracking it down on iplayer  (y)

Have a listen and find yourself smiling at the enthusiasm  :)
(time index 2:36)


We've also got an interview booked for early Feb. Radio York are coming out to the NY Moors to chat about our exploration. I'll post it on the forum when it goes out. :)
A very interesting interview, and well done Tim. I have placed the link on our fb page also.
Keep up the great work, true ambassadors for the sport we all love.

Mark Wright

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It's great to hear of the excellent work the BCA UKCaving Publications and Information Officers are doing to promote caving in the UK.

It looks like UKCaving has become our new National representative body. I think I know where my ?17.00 will be going next year.