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Longwood Swallet Access Issues

Ed W

Just circulated by CCC, looks like Longwood is off limits for a while,

Hi All

We have received a report today that the lock on Longwood Swallet has been vandalised and will not open. Please do not issue keys or permits for this cave until we have been able to repair it. This may take some time, as we need to get appropriate equipment on site.

I will keep you informed.

Graham Mullan


Charterhouse Caving Company Ltd


Bugger, I was looking at a visit in the near future. Out of curiosity, do we know what the nature of the damage is? Is it the lid or the actual lock that?s been tampered with?

cap n chris

Well-known member
Indeed; doubtlessly more people would die trying (and failing) to climb out of the vertical waterfall entrance rift if it wasn't secured against randoms.

Ed W

Circulated by CCC Ltd today,

Dear All

The damaged lock on Longwood has now been removed and replaced. It?s now OK to issue keys & permits for the cave, again. Happily it didn?t take too long.

Graham Mullan

Secretary CCC Ltd