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It is with great sadness that I announce that Nessie, beloved dinosaur of Fruity Meltdown and later the Kresh, has been officially confirmed as MISSING. A rescue mission down Penyghent Pot was attempted last weekend but Nessie was nowhere to be seen. She had previously been left on a ledge at the top of the big pitch.
Over 11 of us are responsible for this terrible turn of events. A team of 3 first left Nessie down there in April. A (different) team of 3 then went the next day, carried Nessie part way up and tied her into the big pitch rope. Nessie was then taken up the big pitch by yet another party a while later, and left at the top of the big pitch. A team of 2 went on a rescue mission to retrieve nessie, but then they forgot to rescue her halfway through the rescue mission and left her in there. A different team of 2 went I last weekend to confirm that Nessie has since vanished from the ledge.
We are asking for anyone that goes down Penyghent to please keep an eye out for nessie in case she has been washed further down or tucked into a corner somewhere. Could any divers please keep an eye out too as she may be in the sump. We fear that she is now in morecambe bay but are holding out hope that a skilled diver might spot her happily swimming along in the penyghent master cave. If anyone goes to dive on a rescue mission there may be some of us available to help carry bottles etc. We just want to see our nessie alive and happy again.
Thank you for your help.


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The little squirrel on the side of the fire is like a premonition of what it will be like cowering inside the fire as it's getting burnt.


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Has it got relatives in NZ?:


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Is it just me or does dumping stuffed toys and having barbeques down caves strike a discord with anyone else?
The “barbecue” was actually a gas stove used to grill some food in a large area with ventilation and was taken back out, something regularly done in many caves in the uk and abroad.

I would dispute the word “dumping” as that implies it was left intentionally. People lose things, and while yes, it was left intentionally for another to retrieve, it was never intended to be lost. By that same logic, there are several pantins “dumped” in short drop.


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Further to the message by @Samouse1, it can be easily argued that any carbide use is far more egregious than the "barbeque" conducted down Alum Pot. Butane is a relatively clean gas and, unlike carbide, doesn't cake the surrounding environment in soot. Furthermore, due to the location of the "barbecue", i.e. Alum Pot, food remnants, if any, would be washed into the waterways unlike crumbs or waste left in dry caves where mould accumulates which can be seen across the country.
Although it could be considered disrespectful, if proper precautions are taken, a lower impact than dropping crumbs in a dry cave will be seen.

WRT to stuffed toys: The accidental loss of an item and attempt to retrieve it seems very reasonable. Especially considering the amount of crap left from ancient digs which are barely/no-longer worked on.

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A big improvement on what used to happen. IIRC it is in Underground Adventure where people knew they were in previously-visited passage by the presence of spent carbide, candle stubs and discarded dry cells. And an empty sardine tin?


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Long Drop:
Maybe I'm the dinosaur.

You mean, Long Drop, that you are a highly evolved being, the like of which ruled the roost on our poor old planet for some 185,000,000 years (as opposed to the Johnny-cum-lately mammals)?