lost portland caves


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i have been wondering what was the location of the jewlery shop and croc canion in combefield quarry.
Has any one explored the mass movement rift that is in the east facing wall at the end the looks like it goes under the hores field butting onto weston street i will post more about it when i manage to fish my cam out of allotment rift

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Jewellry Shop was in the floor of the working quarry, the top was quarried away and the lower part filled with waste very shortly after it was explored in the early 90s.  I would be surprised if any trace of it remains.

I have no idea about Crocodile Canyon, that was lost before the mid-1980s.

I am not familiar with the rift in the east face, but there have been a lot of rifts exposed in that quarry over the years an it will probably be related to one of them.


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1972 journal describes "crocodile canyon aka Canadia rift":


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managed to get 15 mtr in it is a nnw gully in the nw wall at the end of coombfield the flow stowstomes and moon mile are amazing the floor is a false there is a second roof leavel but not found way up yet,
The stalls ar wonderfull.i
I am going to do more today had to stop as hand line needed as rather steep section better to be on the safe side.
hopping this will be a chamberd nnw gully but i am not as slim as i was so will go as fare as i can.
keep you posted


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Reckon you're onto something new there.  Nothing I'm aware of in that area that's 'currently' known.  As others have said, caves have come and gone around Coombfield quarry so very likely you've found another.  What's the likelihood of it being quarried away in the near future?
Sound like you need to think up a name for the cave!


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tim iit should not be quarried away as portland stone have opend up 2 portals in the stadiam part as you go through the gate take the left path.
from what i belive they can only mine ont open quarry but portland stone ltd that crushes the wast stone may block it up with blocks but i think it will be ok for now i will try to get info from mike coom he has not long started with stone firms.
after talking to some people this could of been tickled by  kids i will take some photos of entrance and stuff if i can upload them.
i will keep posted with news from stone firms