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maggots hole sump in Pridhamsleigh




I am a fairly novice caver but have come to know and love the muddy hole known as Pridhamsleigh. I would like to know where the sump at the back of Maggot's hole (there is a rope line erected) leads to. I have been told I can go through back to the Lake area or even Crystal Chamber but would like some advice before committing myself :)


Well-known member
If Maggot's hole is the worm hole in the wall on the left not far before the lake it leads via a crawl which can sump when water levels were high into Mystery Pool Chamber.  From here another (permanent) sump which is free divable leads into a short extension and another sump that has been inconclusively dived. There are two other ways into Mystery Pool chamber - one via 'Flying Angel' Squeeze from where you can look down into a narrow rift with deep water and another high level route from Lake chamber that, as far as I am aware, was first passed by me back in the late 60's - wouldn't fit through it now. The sump extension from Mystery Pool was cleared of an obstructing boulder by Jon Whiteley and Bryan Johnson some years ago - I photographed the process.