• Ghar Parau dinner invitation

    Have you or your club benefitted from Ghar Parau funding for an expedition?

    To mark the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its creation, a meal is to be held at the Anchor Inn in Tideswell, Derbyshire on Saturday 11th February, 2023. As well as a meal there will be speakers on behalf of the original Ghar Parau explorers and the current GPF committee.

    Details here

Mendip cave anagrams

Here's a few Mendip cave anagrams to occupy idle moments. All can be found in MU.
1. do sport
2. eldest nuns vast claw
3. follow altered pups
4. how eye look
5. hurl on these
6. noble shower
7. nude shark lord
8. rail vehicles
9. see vile horror
10. so called twist
11. swarm at men or fall
12. waste veteran car
13. we smile at growl
14. whale splutter
15. win lean brass trowel
I'll post answers in a week if required.


A quick look before work and I got 1 and 4. Will have a look at the rest with pen and paper later. Thanks!



My lunchbreak today. I love anagrams but these are testing without a book to hand!


That was me yesterday lunchtime!

I will confess that I had to consult MU for number 8, which is pretty inexcusable as my grandmother was involved in the early exploration there!


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Not sure if anyone still needs the solutions, but here they are:
do sport Rod?s Pot
eldest nuns vast claw St Dunstan?s Well Cave
follow altered pups Upper Flood Swallet
how eye look Wookey Hole
hurl on these Hunters? Hole
noble shower Brownes? Hole
nude shark lord Drunkard?s Hole
rail vehicles Hillier?s Cave
see vile horror Reservoir Hole
so called twist Sidcot Swallet
swarm at men or fall Manor Farm Swallet
waste veteran car Eastwater Cavern
we smile at growl Wigmore Swallet
whale splutter Thrupe Swallet
win lean brass trowel Nine Barrows Swallet