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I have recently been made aware of the following books which are now in stock - those who want to identify or know more about them may be interested in the following titles. can all be found at - Mike

Clanny, Stephenson & Davy: Commemorating the Bicentenary of the Miners Lamp - ?90
Authors David Rimmer, Christian Tauziede, Gary Chedgy, Dawson Maurice, Hb, A4, 372 pages

Celebrating 200 years of the development of The Miners Safety Lamp, the book records detailed reasearch of how the first lamps were conceived and developed by Clanny, Stephenson and Davy. Very few of the early lamps survived, the authors set out to locate and capture images of early lamps and their successor designs, most of these are full colour photographs. This is the ultimate collectors book .

Miners Lamps of Joseph Cooke including Hall of Birmingham ?20 
Authors David Rimmer, Gary Chedgy, Maurice Dawson and Stuart Reynolds, Sb, A4, 98pp

The Miners Lamps of John Davis & Son -  ?35.00

David Rimmer, Gary Chedgy, Maurice Dawson, Hb, A4, 164pp
This is a comprehensive history of John Davis, it is the story of the founding family, supported by full colour photographs of all their lamps.

Wolf Safety lamps, 100 Years 1912 to 2012 -  ?20
John Jackson, Maurice Dawson, Hb, A4, 190pp, in full colour, details of the company and all its lamps with useful diagrams


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