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New coffee place


Just for info, there is a new place for Coffee, Cake and Panini on Mendip. Weekends 9:30 - 13:00, weekdays 7:30- 11:00. Situated next door to the MCG hut, Nordrach, on the B3134. Takeaway only, so open during lockdown


What are they serving at 'The Rock', Mike? Is it just tea and cake, or are they doing proper food?

We used to stop in fairly frequently when it was the Burrington Inn, but with lockdown, we haven't been about so much and not got around to trying it in its current guise...


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I know they're doing bacon rolls! Open weekends:
Got a good review:


Just had a good laugh reading some of the old reviews of the Burrington Inn. Either 1 star or 5 star!

I'd have given it 1 star first time I visited, expecting a pub, but once I realised it was a cafe with beer, I thought the place was great. Sure it was a bit tired and run down and the service was sometimes a bit slow, but the location was great, the food was decent and cheap and the staff were great too. Clearly those that got it, liked it and those that couldn't see past the 1970's decor were never going to be won over, much like Bernies I guess...

Anyway, having just seen who's taken it over, I shall have to pay a visit next time I'm passing*  (y)

* to caveat that, I'll stop in next time I'm passing during opening hours, as I doubt they'll be open tomorrow night after digging :)


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and cake, or are they doing proper food?
Err... isn't cake proper food?  Although I must confess a bacon sarnie is the last word in awesomeness.




At Nordrach this week...


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For anyone on Mendip, the Coffee Box (near the MCG hut, at the old garage site) the opening hours are now longer

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