• Lost hearing aid in Swildons Hole

    Lost 29/09/2022 very near the entrance, probably the first climb down.

    Please keep an eye out!

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Newt - rescue/leave alone?


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On Fri came across Common (?) Newt just before Bar Steward's Passage, Boundary Pot. Interim climbs, stream flow, suggest it is unlikely(?) it would be able to exit under own steam. Left it in situ but wondering if this was best thing to do? Should it have been there (& not from the 'did it have a permit' perspective!), is it likely to survive in a cave enviroment? Would be grateful for objective advice as opposed to subjective opinions. Thanks


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Newts spend a good part of the year out of water foraging for invertebrates. I doubt whether there'd be sufficient in the cave to sustain it.But if there were, it's going to be incredibly lucky to be able to breed (and having a second newt fall in would further challenge the food supply). So personally I would always try and take a newt out.

We've never come across anything but palmate newt on our amphibian surveys on Ingleborough. They're not easy to tell apart apart from males in breeding season developing a fine filament on their tales. Female palmates lack the spots on the underside of the neck, but turning a female newt on her back is almost impossible.

Neither common nor palmate newt are of conservation concern.


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Thanks Kay: suspected as much. First time I'd come across a newt underground in 48 yrs of caving but if it happens again will retrieve & exit.