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Olympus TG4 repair


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Advise please.

The front glass that protects the lens in my TG4 has shattered.

I have tried Olympus direct, though because their system requires the relevant purchase reference numbers, which I no longer have  they are unwilling to provide a camera repair service, or even offer to sell me a replacement part.

In desperation I have even spoken to the man on our local market who fixes watches to ask if he could provide a solution, he said he couldn't.

I have spent much time searching on line for any TG4s being sold for parts and spares without any success.

Has anyone had this same problem? or can offer a probable solution?

It is a very frustrating period being without an otherwise usable quality caving camera.




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Thank you Oqofmole.

I have following your advise sent A J Johnson an email to ask if they could sort the problem.....


Thank you Oqofmole.

I have following your advise sent A J Johnson an email to ask if they could sort the problem.....

Well you have nothing to lose with just a e-mail. Be interesting to hear how you get on, as I have a scratch on the front element of my TG4.


Have you managed to open up the camera to access the glass?

Also, if you are looking for a 'spares/ repairs' camera, it could be worth looking for a TG3 or TG5, as this part of the camera does not look to have changed.


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check the following topic https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=25484.0

This was about a similar problem :)



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I've bought a replacement glass for a my camera at Beco (Antwerp - Belgium)

They have a webshop where you can order al sort of lenses in different diameter and thickness.


Full catalogue



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Replacing the glass will void the waterproof guarantee unless it is done by a professional or dealer, but the price will be prohibitive and you are better off getting a replacement camera.

Just a helpful mention on screen scratches. (Not deep scars) you can get them all out using brasso and a linen cloth as long as you keep up the elbow grease. It will remove the filter but I’ve managed to remove all the horrible scuffs and scratches, and the lens looks like new. Same goes for the back screen. But you lose the tint the manufacturer puts on it. I don’t accept responsibility for anything that might go awry!

It’s always wise to put on a screen saver and use a lens cap on all your cameras, whether new or second hand.


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Have you tried asking a Wilkinsons branch, e.g. at Kendal?
If they can do it it's fairly easy to get to on the train from where you live.

Ali M

I used the Olympus repair service, found I under My Olympus. For my TG5 they charged a flat rate of £145.00, regard less of the repair required and will also sort out any additional problems if they find them. They provide the postage labels to send your camera to Portugal for servicing and then post it back to you. If you use this service, it includes (I believe) a six month warranty. Mine had condensation inside plus a dark smudge in some of the photos top right, depending on the direction of the sun. After the camera was returned, I found that I still had a smudge problem under certain light conditions, so it went back to Portugal FOC and now appears to be sorted. Be aware that some of the camera repair places in the UK will not guarantee the waterproofness of a camera after servicing, which is not a lot of use if the camera is used in wet caves and wet, extremely muddy digs. PM me if you further info.
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