Online Ballot 2022



The Online Ballot of all members following the 2022 AGM runs between 23:59 on Sunday 12th June and 23:59 on Sunday 26th June. Members should receive an email instructing them on how to submit their votes.


How do I vote?
To vote visit between the above times and use the ballot ID that has been emailed to you to access your online ballot.

Follow the instructions on the voting site until you are shown your receipt token, which indicates that your vote has been cast. You may wish to make a note of this receipt token in the event that it is necessary to confirm that your vote was correctly recorded.

Can I watch the AGM to help me decide my votes?
Absolutely, the AGM was livestreamed on Facebook, so you can catch-up whenever is convenient, even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

I haven’t received my ballot email
First off, please check your spam folder – 90% of the missing ballot queries we addressed last year were a result of over-zealous spam filters!

If you still can’t find your ballot email then please get in touch with the returning officer with your full name and BCA number so that we can follow it up for you, by emailing

My ballot ID is rejected by the voting site
The ballot IDs are 10 characters long and have been generated to avoid characters that can be easily mistaken for one another. Even so, to avoid a transcription error, it’s a good idea to copy-and-paste your ballot ID into the voting website. Make sure you don’t accidentally copy any whitespace before or after the token!

Can I check who I voted for?
Ordinarily, no, you cannot access your ballot once you have voted.

In extraordinary circumstances in which the authenticity of the vote counting is challenged, an independent third party may audit the tallying process. You may wish to keep your receipt token (displayed once your vote has been cast) if you wish to be able to confirm that your vote was correctly recorded in these circumstances.

If you have any other questions about the online ballot please get in touch with the returning officer who should be able to assist you.


The link in the banner at the top BCA Ballot details here doesn't take you to any ballot detail just FAQs

Does anyone know where I can see a list of questions and background information before I enter my number & vote?


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If you hunt around enough you can find the agenda. It does make for sorry reading with so many positions vacant. It appears that the only thing you are being asked to vote on is to reduce the number of individual and club reps down from four to two. Rather ironic as three of the four positions are vacant anyway.


Andy Eavis volunteered from the floor to be a Individual Member Representative, so that is also on the ballet as well as reducing the number of Group and Individual reps.
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Note that you can log in and view the ballot without having to vote - you'll be logged out again in 30 minutes but your voting token is not marked as used until you've actually cast your ballot.

I've had a few emails pointing out that there's been very little information publicised about what members are being asked to vote on. This is a very valid point, but unfortunately there's been no one in the Publicity & Information role since Rostam resigned, and I really don't have much more time to dedicate to voluntary BCA work.

A very brief summary of the ballot this year might be:
BCA Council is the elected body of volunteers that runs and makes operational decisions for the BCA. It includes 8x voting Member Representatives that represent the interests of Groups and Individuals in Council Meetings. The motion on the ballot is to reduce the number of these from 4x each to 2x each. The election on the ballot is to elect Andrew Eavis to one of the Individual Member Representative posts.


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To assist with the vote, can someone please answer whether the MEMBER REPRESENTATIVES list on the website is current, or correct it if not.


According to the AGM agenda it should be:

Group Reps
Josh White (until 2023)​
Vacant x3​
Individual Reps
Nigel Atkins (until 2023)​
Vacant x3​

I'll query this with the BCA secretary and will update the site if it needs it.


Ari's statement above is correct.

Lydia, Idris, Jenny and Andrew's terms came to an end as at this AGM (and none stood again). Nigel was clearly never added to this council list, which was an oversight from the last AGM.


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I'm fairly sure Dave Rose resigned as Newsletter editor some time ago. Not that this is a voting matter at the AGM, but if no replacement has been found and alongside the absence of a P&I volunteer it doesn't help get the up to date messages out.