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On't scrounge for a skateboard


Well-known member
Back to skateboards; does anyone know where I can get some dense foam pads, say 35 mm thick? The chest inflator on the drysuit digs in when riding the board, so I want to stick some dense foam along it with a recess to accommodate said inflator. Might as well be comfy . . . . ;-)
will those gardening foam mats work?


Well-known member
Quick update; I acquired a dense foam yoga block and cut it longitudinally before attaching it to the skateboard, with a gap for the drysuit inflator to nestle into. This makes it really comfortable to lie on and ride, with all the heavy gear on. (I might stick some duct tape around the blocks, for extra security.)

One forum member (Ladymud) kindly offered to supply a buoyancy aid; yes please, this would still be extremely useful as we hope to set up a couple more boards for this use.

For Bob Cromer; no-one else has be able to sort out any spare boards, so could I take you up on your kind offer above? The optimum length of the "deck" (as I believe it's called) is 30 inches.



Well-known member
Used the modified board on a dive at Austwick Beck Head this morning.
Sheer luxury!

I have the promise of enough dense foam now; no-one else has rummaged out any old skateboards though. So if any readers were thinking of rooting through the garage, we can still find a very good home for at least one more.