Pen-y-ghent Pot Derigging (if you happen to be going in there)


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P1-4 in Pen-g-ghent pot are currently rigged. There are 2 tackle-sacks for the tackle (and a dinosaur attached part way down P4 with a larks foot I've been informed). If you happen to be going in, feel free to use the ropes but if you do please could they be de-rigged and returned to the BPC. Not in a big hurry, I'm just being lazy and will recover them in a week or so if nobody has done so already.



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How are you expecting this to work? Wouldn't other cave users be taking their own tackle anyway (whether or not they read UKCaving).

I wouldn't have confidence that your tackle was still there 'in a week or so' to leave my own tackle at home. Even if I got in touch with you to arrange, I couldnt be certain some enthustastic UKCaving reader had decided to derig behind me.

If I did use your tackle, I would feel obliged by your wording to drag it out and down the fell, something that I may not be happy about if already carrying my own. Meaning I would have probably carry and use my own.

I think publicizing about your gear left in a cave is useful, especially as you gave a timeline for its removal. But caveated open offers of this type have limited value.


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Is Penyghent still full of buckets of fixed ropes anyway (that ideally would be removed)?
There are still a multitude of fixed ropes and also some bundles in places. Many are marked with the name of a prominent caver, so tracking down the owner isn’t hard

I plan to go down and derig the ropes this post alludes to, hopefully this weekend (though the incoming weather may push that back a bit)


The bundles of ropes belong to someone and are for a diving project, so it would be appreciated if they were left alone. Most long term ropes were taken off pitches, so as not to clutter up the rigging.(hence bundles) Some remain , where natural belays are used.