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Penyghent Long Churn


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We're thinking about this for next weekend.  NC2 gives tackle details for ladders, but it would be nice to do it on SRT if possible.
I understand there are no anchors (at least no CNCC-approved ones), but is it feasible rigged from naturals?

Any advice appreciated - thanks!


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I don't think the entrance shaft has any decent natural belays. I seem to remember you can belay to something some distance away beyond the stream sink (maybe a thread at or near the Escape Route entrance) but this causes the rope (or ladder) to hang in an awkward crack for the first metre or two of the main entrance shaft and is very unsatisfactory. There may be one or two 8 mm anchors in on the flat ledge at the shaft lip - but I've no idea what condition these are in.

The last pitch is narrow and a bit awkward for SRT, from memory.

Exercise caution if the weather's iffy; the entrance shaft is a fast flooder.


I think there are P, bolts at the surface...??.not done the cave, but had a look one day as I passed by.
The entrance has a couple of P hangers (hang a sling on the second one for the return). Not brilliantly positioned but they do, leading to a decent Y hang.
If it is wet the pitch catches a lot of water.
There should be a deviation....(take a couple of nuts...? 7 or 8 rock)

The so-called flood escape had a number of sinister black bags in it when I last locked (many months ago) and thus wasn't further inspected ;)
The next pitch has a naural & a spit. Prob free climb a bit further on.
(don't head on horizonally too far... )
Nice shaped passage.

Don't go if it is wet.
Not worth going for it's own sake (? pair with Sell Gill/Haytine/Jackdaw or even Red Moss)



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Thanks for the helpful comments.
May reconsider anyway in view of the thread on High Birstwith's new owners...


Fairly easy to Park at New Houses, walk up to the Pennine Way and past Sell Gill - that way you dont need to park at High Birkwith.



By New Houses, I meant the layby just up the hill from new houses! Parking in the Hamlet itself would be a really bad idea!

Might be better just to walk to Horton...(under 2 miles) ... there isn't much space and pple will be tempted to squeeze in - not what we want at the moment.