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personal reg plate

Long Drop

If you get no takers I'll give you ?10 for it.

C4 VNG is also owned by a caver, any others?

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The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
Saw D1VER pulling a diving boat once. Surely leaving out the gaps in the plate is illegal. Mine is CPE which is as near to Chipchase as I will ever get. The garage sorted it without me knowing. Jimmy Tarbuck's was  COM1C and wasn,t Victor Meldrew's P155 OFF though I think those sort never get issued. I Had TAP once and tried to sell it but no plumbers responded. I think they are expensive ( ?80? ) to re register each time anyway.

cap n chris

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DVLA auctions emailed some years back to offer C4VES for, IIRC, something of the order of ?3k. Easy answer was forthcoming.
Seen on carpark outside the last CNCC meeting


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Long Drop

?80!!  If The Old Ruminator is right or even close then Paull, I am sorry, but I'm going to have to withdraw my offer.  (I also apologise if I annoyed you or buried your advert in non-salte related posts.)