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Pete Ryder & John Longstaff's new book on Swaledale


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Just got my copy of the latest Descent, which is full of fascinating stuff, as usual. Pages 25 & 26 have a review of the new book "Swaledale, above and beneath" (ISBN 978-0-9559093-6-8). Can anyone tell us how to obtain this? I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants to buy it!


is it released yet?



Swaledale Above & Beneath costs ?10 and is available from the Castle Hill Bookshop in Richmond, the CB Inn in Arkengarthdale and by emailing the author at publications@broomlee.org

As found on this page:



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Got my copy now. In case it's useful for anyone else to know, the cover price of the book is only ?7 - the postage cost is ?3. (Just clarifying this as the Descent review says it's ?10. I guess if you had a way to collect directly, or got it from the outlets decribed above, it'd only be ?7.)

After having only had time for a quick glance, I'd say that Chris Scaife's review in Descent is excellent; the book's exactly what I expected. I'm really looking forward to reading this one.