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Hey, I'm not planning to go on an expedition any time soon (lack of money and skill mostly)  I only have a basic grasp of geology although I'm happy to learn more. So aside from looking at maps and following water courses for oddities how you work out where new caves should be?

links and or pointers to more information would be highly appreciated also if it makes any difference I would be looking at kinda mid Asia (Laos especially)

Ed W


A really good start is to find descriptions of caves by non-cavers.  There really is no substitute for local knowledge.  These days the web is as good a place to start as any, think of a few likely places and just google "place name" cave and off you go.  Once you find a likely area then it is time to find out who else has had a look.  Any good caving club library will have a copy of Speleological Abstracts, have a look at this and see what has been published for you target area.  Also try and contact any local caving organisations, email makes this very easy these days.  Also try and find out if anyone is actively working in your target area and make the effort to contact them, it is really bad form to step on other explorer's toes.

Only at this stage would I start looking in detail at maps, geology and aerial photos.

If you are interested in mid-asia then I would suggest sending Ouan a PM, he is based in Thailand and knowsa fair bit about the other countries nearby, including Laos.

All the best,