Please look out for the stolen CRO kit


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From CRO:

Next week, the Dales area hosts the 5th European Speleological Congress at the Dalesbridge Centre, near Austwick. Thirty pot-hole systems are rigged for the enjoyment of the 1000 participants. Last week, in preparation, CRO members fixed the ropes for a high-level traverse above the streamway in Kingsdale Master Cave, to allow emergency egress, in case of flood or team access in case of rescue. At the weekend, someone removed 56 (fifty six) karabiners of mixed types, as shown in the photograph. Left to right they are Petzl Am?D, Faders Goliat and Faders HMS. The majority were Faders HMS -- the one with the distinctive pull and twist lock on the screw-gate sleeve, which makes using them with a single hand a bit awkward. All three types had yellow paint on their screw-gate sleeves, although the thief may be able to remove this. Any climber or caver who is offered karabiners of these types at a knock-down price, should please identify the thief to North Yorkshire Police, by phoning 101, selecting North Yorkshire and quoting Crime Reference 12160143685.
Also taken were two red and silver Meander Transport tackle bags, stencilled ?CRO? and labelled ?KMC 1? and ?KMC 2?, although the labels may have been removed.
Please circulate this to climbers and cavers in the North of England. Thank you.
(Lyon Equipment and Heightec have kindly offered replacement karabiners and maillons.)'


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This photo has been shared widely - facebook, twitter and here etc.  Will the thieves want to risk trying to sell those yellow gated krabs on??  Will they want to risk rigging with them?? 

News of the theft is known throughout British caving - the thieves must know their actions have shocked and sickened the caving community and I would hope regret their actions - even if it's for selfish 'I don't want to get caught' reasons.

I suggest they bag their ill gotten gains back into those stolen tackle sacks, drive back to Kingsdale and leave the bags of krabs just inside the entrance. The krabs will be returned to CRO and the thieves can start looking at themselves in the mirror again.....



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I think that's a brilliant suggestion, Pegasus.

However hard-up you are, is kit with a resale value of maybe a couple of hundred quid really worth the constant anxiety of being found out and ostracised by the rest of the caving community ?

And as no lesser authority than Jesus says: "if your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him" (Luke 17:3) ;)