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Podcasts of interest to cavers

Ian P

Staff member
Not sure if this is ?worth? a sticky but thought it would be good to have somewhere to put podcasts that maybe of interest to cavers.

Real Risk by Richard Harris. (One of the Thailand rescue divers)

Just listened to S2 Ep10 Life on a line - Saturation Diving with Chris Lemons Pt 1.  Nail biting stuff  :eek:


Any other recommendations?


Speaking Sidemount may be of interest to the divers on here.

A few CDG divers have been interviewed over the years, plus other international cave divers
Ian, Chris Lemons is the bloke from the film The Last Breath isn’t he? A very nail biting watch!
I’ll certainly give this a listen as I was fascinated by the film.



Well-known member
There are too many "stickies", in my opinion. The first eight items on the Dales section are stickies, and I can't see the point for most of them.


Well-known member
George gets a mention at 1 hour 25, but their basic conclusion seems to be DON'T GO IN THE CAVE (I haven't listened to it all)


Well-known member
This was mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but it seems appropriate to repost here:
Underground Ramblings
If you haven't heard it, it's well worth trying. A delightfully amateur presentation style...