RAM - Plug & Play??


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Quick question; following the demise of my HP Pavillion 9000 series (see thread http://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=10834.0), I wondered whether I could simply rip out the nice 2GB of memory and stick it into my old Toshiba Satellite to give it a bit more 'oomph'?

As far as I know, both are DDR2, although the Toshiba runs XP whilst the HP was Vista.

Any thoughts? I don't want to knacker what is effectively my only 'home' computer at the mo.


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Should be OK, and if your old laptop had 1GB then sticking 2GB in there will make XP a lot happier as it won't need to use the disk as 'virtual memory' so much.
If the Toshiba didn't use DDR2 then the chip won't fit, the locating slot will be in a different place.


Go For It!

If they are not compatible with each other the worst case scenario would be a lot of beeping from the bios and failed startup until you take the offending piece out.


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Whether it's XP or Vista doesn't matter, it's what's inside that counts - if you're lucky the Satellite will have 2 memory slots, one already used with whatever memory you have installed and a spare slot that you can stick the memory from the HP in..


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Thanks for the replies folks.  :bow:

Whipped out the 512Mb stick that was installed, an dropped in two 1.5Gb. Running like a dream! Now all I need to do is rip the HP's hard drive contents onto the Satellite ........