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Red Rake Sough and nearby veins

Maybe more mining related but driving up the Hassop Road yesterday there seems to be movement of the road where the rake comes down which must be in the vicinity of the sough ....If i was a betting man this road is going to have issues at some point....

I wonder if there is movement in the Sough itself?

The rake above the road was an interesting place with a fossil of a tree in one face but that is long gone....


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Nothing to do with the mining, and everything to do with the road drain going into a soakaway into weathered shale, like the Mam Tor road- I told a consultant working for the county council that some years ago this, but they didn't do anything about the drains, just put more tarmac down over the slumped section which is on the move again.


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The sough's right down in the lowest part of the valley, pretty much following the natural stream course that would run there - sometimes does in wet weather. But it's a good 20m below surface there.


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I think he means Newburgh Level, which although a bit wet, isn't a sough - Brightside Sough is the one running under the valley bottom