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"River at the Centre of the Earth" (The search for the Timavo)


I'm surprised no-one has mentioned this already, as it was apparently made in 2012 and I think it's been on Prime for a while, but I couldn't find anything using the search function. Anyhoo....

An interesting documentary about the search for the Timavo river near Trieste, Italy, which has continued for almost 200 years.

Following on from that, I also just came across this article, published last week:



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I'm intrigued that they seem to have equipped the Trebiciano shaft(s) with fixed, rigid ladders: is this the world's first/deepest via ferrata?


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It’s a brilliant film. I stumbled across it at Xmas and that’s what spurred me into caving again after a 9 year break during which I thought I might not bother again.