Sell Gill...Ongoing clean up project.


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As part of an on-going clean up operation by CPC, we've hauled another bag of crap out of Sell Gill Hole last Friday. This bag weighed in excess of 30kg and contained abandoned digging paraphernalia. We still have a bit more to haul to the surface but passing caver traffic will not be aware of this as its been discretely hidden, awaiting removal.
I'm sure cavers who have visited Sell Gill over the last 12 months will have noticed a vast improvement.

Skippy :)


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(y) More brilliant work.  When you are finished please post on the conservation reward thread. 


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I have just been informed that despite the cave catastrophically flooding on Saturday(Including the fossil route) the last bag of timber was brought out Sunday morning ..Thanks Maj  :)

As Sell Gill is now Cravens 'adopted cave' we will continue to keep an eye on the place given its popularity.